A Day in the Life of a Crochet Pattern

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My Aussie friend, Fiona Langtry, is an amazing yarn artist and she’s here today to talk to us about designing patterns, the EasyFit FingerTip Gloves pattern and an fantastic discount! Thanks Fi!

OK, so we all know what goes into the design of a pattern, right? Not much! The designer simply writes down the steps and voila! A pattern is ready for the public! I’m sure some designers do things that way, but it is definitely NOT best practice. So… let’s go back to the beginning.

Wherever the idea comes from, or the design happens, doesn’t really matter here. For me, sometimes I start making one thing, and end up with something entirely different. Other times, I have a specific plan, and the end result is exactly what is expected. The important thing is, the steps are written down, as clearly as possible. Some designers probably write the steps before creating the piece (I’m not that organised). The when isn’t important, but the clarity of the instructions is vital. Take, for example, my new EasyFit FingerTip Gloves. This pattern took me took me by surprise! Sheri (the wonderful lady behind Crochet au Lait), made comment on a discussion about making pairs of socks/gloves etc. in the Crochet Au Lait facebook community. She said she’d love a pair of thin gloves which would keep her fingers warm while she wrote her blog articles! I said I had a pattern in DK yarn which I could modify and showed her this picture:

Figure A- The first pair of EasyFit Fingered Gloves in progress.

She said she’d love to have a pair made in sport weight yarn, so I got to making a pair in Aussie 4ply yarn. As I worked, I edited my existing glove pattern (I mean, why reinvent the wheel, right?), changing stitch counts, hook size etc, so that the first photo I sent her was this:

Figure b- The first pair of EasyFit FingerTip Gloves in progress.

Sheri offered to be one of my pattern testers (they’re GOLD for designers, let me assure you!)
MY final version looks like this:

I decided to make a pair in DK, too, and this is what THEY look like:

Sheri’s FIRST pair of EasyFit FingerTip Gloves, the ones which started this process, are still being finished… that’s ok, because I have other testers who completed their versions AND gave me lists of edits to make!

The pattern for the EasyFit FingerTip Gloves, released March 22nd is available from my website. Readers can use coupon code “AULAIT” to get a massive 30% off the price (exp. March 30, 2018).

Thank you so much for reading!
(I know Sheri really appreciates you taking the time to read this blog!)

xx Fi
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