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Welcome to Crochet Au Lait! I’m Sheri, a blogger, a crocheter, a writer, a wife, and a mother. I’m married to a very smart and funny guy, Jeff. I’m a mother to a beautiful and very intelligent young woman. I have a brother and a sister who live locally and my Mom and Dad live out of town. I have 3 doggies, Meena, Benny, and Lucy. I love my family so much! I live in sunny Arizona where it’s great weather most of the year and hell hot temperatures only a few months of the year! I absolutely LOVE living in Arizona!

I love blog writing because it’s an outlet for me to be creative and share about the things in life that make me happy. It also allows me to connect with people who share my passion.

I came up with the name, Crochet Au Lait, because I love coffee and the name is a silly play on words. The Crochet Au Lait Community on facebook is an online crochet cafe, tea house, wine bar, watering hole of sorts. Members have fun posting their beautiful crocheted works, having fun conversation and gaining support from each other.

At Crochet Au Lait, I share my crochet patterns, latest completed projects, YouTube videos, recipes, health topics, jewelry, and a few other fun things. I hope you find something here that inspires you!

I am blessed every single day for my good life and love that I can share my thoughts and ideas with you.

Thanks for stopping by!