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Are you part of a crochet group in your locale or donate your time, talent and finished items to those less fortunate than yourself? My friend, Theresa Whitehead, has done just that and has shared her experiences. Enjoy what she has to say and feel free to comment.

Hi all! My name is Theresa. I have been crocheting for 30+ years. I was taught by my mother, but from what I understand, it has been a hobby of my family for quite some time as both my grandmothers crocheted as well other family members. I have fond memories of my grandmother falling asleep in her rocking chair crocheting. I have passed the love of yarn crafting to my now 12 year old daughter.

I have recently learned how to read patterns, as most are geared to right-handed crocheting people. I am a lefty, although I have heard it called mirror-image crocheting. I learned early enough in life that I was still ambidextrous. I’m not picky when it comes to yarn, but my favorite yarn is free (lol!). Seriously, I am currently hooked on Caron Cakes; I’m making a blanket out of Boysenberry (I think that’s the color, lol) using my newly learned pattern of the box stitch.

I am part of a group at my church that makes prayer shawls and blankets for our shut-ins and sick members. We have about 7 to 8 members and have built up about 22 finished projects with about 10 already provided to members. We meet once a month and are having fun.

I am also a founding member of a local crochet group that meets twice a month; we end up chatting and hooking until our time runs out!! We had been part of another group that was part of the National Crochet Guild, but when the charter holder decided to merge our meetings with knitters, we did not feel welcome. A few of us decided to create our group, calling ourselves “rebels” and not having a structured meeting. We do welcome knitters, but are more focused on the crochet side of things. I love my local group; the friendship I have found due to this group is wonderful. I have been able to find people who share in my obsession with yarn (and feed it, lol) and are a great support system (you know who you are! 😉 I would encourage everyone to locate and even join a local group. I found my family there (literally!!)

Theresa Whitehead
Crochet Au Lait Member


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