Crocheting Is Good For Your Health

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Crocheting isn’t just a pastime, it’s actually good for your health!!! You may be wondering how is that possible. Crocheting reduces stress, helps relieve depression, distracts from chronic pain, decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s and can help alleviate insomnia. Let’s talk about each one in greater depth.

• Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Crocheting reduces stress, anxiety and depression by taking time out for yourself. It lets you unplug from the stresses of daily life giving your brain much deserved R&R. When you are crocheting you are thinking about what you are making rather than focusing on life stressors, thus decreasing your stress, anxiety and depression. When you are doing something you enjoy, the hormone dopamine is released which is your own natural anti-depressant.

• Chronic Pain
If you live with chronic pain (pain lasting longer than three months) you tend to focus on what is hurting. Studies show distraction is a great way to alleviate pain, so when you crochet you are thinking more of about what you are doing and less about the pain. Any form of distraction can significantly decrease your level of pain. This isn’t the case for migraine pain though, your head is hurting too much to be able to focus on doing anything
else so unfortunately, distraction is not beneficial for migraine sufferers.

• Decrease Risk of Alzheimer’s
Studies show that keeping your mind busy weather it be reading a book or doing a cross word puzzle it can decrease your risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 30-50%, that is significant!! Crocheting provides the same decrease in risk. When crocheting are reading a pattern, remembering the pattern of stitches, counting stitches, learning new stitches or making your own pattern. This is keeping your mind busy, you are exercising your brain, therefore, decreasing your risk of Alzheimer’s.

• Alleviate Insomnia
Insomnia, what an annoying problem to have and it can be related to all of the above. How often have you been crocheting and fallen asleep? I know I have a lot. When you are doing repetitive work it can be very relaxing allowing you to drift off to sleep. So the next time you can’t sleep or are tossing and turning, pick up your WIP (work in progress) and let yourself relax and you’ll be asleep in no time.

The good news is your pastime is actually good for your health. So the next time your husband or significant other thinks you are spending too much time crocheting you can let them know you are doing it for your health!!!

Leah Fisher, RN (Retired)

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  1. Nikki Ranson

    April 18, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    I love how crocheting also calms me down when I’m stressed!

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