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For those of you who love it when the heat index is 116 and it’s so humid you could wring the moisture out of the air, frankly, I’m ready for it to be over and look forward to welcoming those crisp autumn days, the smell of “Pumpkin Spice” or “Apple Cinnamon” potpourri, the feel of a warm throw or blanket over my feet, and the excitement of a new season of “Dancing with the Stars” on TV (that part is a bit questionable after seeing the newest lineup).  Do you like needing a little sweater when you go outside or a scarf or shawl around you as much as I do?  It feels like the work is done, the harvest is in, and we’re all getting ready to celebrate our favorite holidays again. 


Along with the holidays comes the Fall Festivals, the parties and other special occasions and the big one, Christmas, when we all are straining our brains to come up with original and different gifts for those on our list.  Just thought I would toss out a few ideas you might consider crocheting that are not too terribly labor-intensive but are favorites that most anyone would love to receive.


Slippers are a great idea for most anyone, especially those who constantly have cold feet!!!  Personally, Red Heart With Love yarn is great for making slippers. The one thing you don’t want to forget is to put some sort of “grippies” on the soles so that you won’t slip and fall in them!  Hot glue, silicone sealant, and non-slip indoor rug pad glued on with a washable fabric glue are great ways to resolve this problem.


Shawls or ponchos are easy and a pretty fast gift to make.  They can be as plain or as fancy as you want them to be.  Personally, Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn gives an incredibly soft, romantic look and feel. Make them plain for a really quick project and then crochet a few little flowers or appliques to tack or glue on for extra added bling. 

Sofa Throws

Small, sofa-sized throws are always handy when it’s cold outside.  No matter how high the thermostat is, it’s just better and cozier with a nice, soft throw over you while you read a book or watch television.  You can never go wrong with Bernat Blanket yarn. It’s a chenille-type look and feel and oh so comfy! It’s not necessary to get too over the top with the design and you don’t have to do 15 color changes to make it pretty.  Grab some Caron Big Cakes and let those colors flow naturally from one shade to the next.  The recipient will think you took weeks and weeks to come up with such a beautiful blend of colors….don’t tell them the yarn did it for you!

Messy Bun Beanies

For the teens and kiddos, how about a cute “messy bun” beanie with a cute fur pom-pom on the top.  Easy, fast, and you can “bling it up” if you want to with an applique of one of their favorite little animals.

Cup Cozies

For co-workers, how about a cute “cup cozy” to keep their coffee warm a bit longer.  A key ring or a holder for their earbuds would also be a fast and cute way to wish them a Happy Holiday!  Whatever you choose to make, I hope the recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness in hand-crafting something special for them.


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