Mandala Progress by Jaymie!

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Hey y’all I’m Jaymie! I’m 26 and I started crocheting a bit over a year ago. I found that it helped ease my anxiety, and I was instantly “hooked”! In that year or so, I challenged myself to learn new stitches and patterns, and to do things out of my comfort zone. Fast forward to now, I present to you, my “Mandala Madness”! If you want to make this project, just do a search on YouTube and you’ll find it.

I’ve been stocking up on this yarn since it came to my town! I probably had about six or seven cakes of Lion Brand Yarn Mandala Yarn in Genie before I settled on this. There I was, staring at my pile of genies, when I was just like, “Hellooo, Mandala Madness!” And PSA, the label recommends a 5.00 mm H hook, but I found it looks so much more neater and tidier with a 4.00 mm G hook.

Keep in mind, this is not finished y’all! I’m currently in part 10, and I really hope you guys enjoy the next 8 parts! Happy Hooking!

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