Patriotic Dual Thickness Hot Pad

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For people across this great nation, the 4th of July is a day Americans look forward to. Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. 

Leading up to the 4th of July, I love seeing the decorations pop up around town and in neighborhoods. I decorate my home, we invite a lot of friends over, my hubby does a mean BBQ, everyone brings something yummy to add to the menu, and we all listen to music and party by the pool. Into the evening, we light a few fireworks while the live band performs. It’s our way to celebrate our independence and living in a free country.

In honor of Independence Day, I gift to you this Patriotic Dual Thickness Hot Pad pattern. These hot pads are super quick to work up and will display nicely at your family BBQ, dinner, or event.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

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Materials You’ll Need

Hook: H (8 mm) my favorite crochet hooks are by Athena’s Elements
Yarn Needle Lion Brand has a nice set of 6 nickel plated needles
Scissors (the pair I love are Fiskars Micro-Tip)
Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie cotton yarn in red, white and blue
Ring from plastic water bottle

Stitches & Technique

Written in US terms

Chain – ch
Stitch – st
Single crochet – sc
Slip stitch – sl st
Space – sp

* Pattern will yield an approximately 6-inch by 6-inch hot pad.
* Yarn used for this particular project is Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie cotton yarn.


Hot Pad
, using blue yarn, make a slip knot and ch 60. Next, join your starting st to your end st with a sl st.

Row 1-2: Now, here’s what’s so easy about this pattern. All you’re going to do are sc st for the entire potholder. So, the second row you will sc 60 st(s) in blue.

Row 3-10: After that, you will sc 60 st(s) x2 rows in red, sc 60 st(s) x2 rows in white and continue to alternate until you’ve crocheted 8 red and 8 white rows.

Once you’ve done this, turn your work inside out and weave in the inside ends.

While your work is still inside out, hand stitch x stars with white yarn onto the blue area of the hot pad.
Starting at one corner of the blue area, insert yarn needle from the back side to front side. Work several diagonal slants of one row then work back in the other direction to cross your “x(s).” Make 2 rows. Weave in the end.

Then, turn your work right side out.

The next thing you’ll do is fold the hot pad to form a square. If you’re not near the corner, just sc a couple of more st(s) until you’re to the corner. Make sure to give yourself a long enough tail so you can sew up both sides of the hot pad.


Once you’ve sewed up the sides, it’s time to add the hanging ring.

Take the ring of a plastic water bottle, sc around the ring several times until the plastic ring is completely covered and then join with a sl st into the corner of the hot pad to finish off the hanging ring.

That’s all there is to it!

Copyright 2019 – Sheri Shaw – This pattern is copyright protected and cannot be changed, sold, or reproduced. You have permission to sell your finished product. All rights reserved.

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