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Today, I want to share with you an interview I held with a fabulous lady who crochets crosses and gives them to people all around the world! Nora Johnson is a member of the Crochet Au Lait facebook Community and she had posted a photo of some absolutely gorgeous crocheted crosses and had mentioned that she made them for people. Yep, she just gives them away. Please read our conversation below and you will see just how selfless this woman truly is.

Sheri: Hi Nora, I’m dying to do a blog article about your crocheted crosses. When would be a good time?
Nora: Here and now is good.
Sheri: Okay, great! You’re a peach!
Sheri: Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to interview with me.
Sheri: What motivated you to start making crocheted crosses?
Nora: A friend wanted me to crochet a cross pattern for her. I did but didn’t like the pattern. So, I started experimenting until came up with my own pattern. I gave them to friends, then on a crochet facebook group I showed them and offered them.
Sheri: That’s wonderful. I love when yarn artists create their own designs.
Sheri: How long have you been crocheting crosses for people?
Nora: Being on facebook there are a lot of people worldwide. I began crocheting my own pattern about 5 years ago or more. When I was in the hospital for a knee replacement there was a veteran having a difficult time so I made one for him and had the nurse give it to him…he cried. I never met him. So, now I make a special one for vets. My Grand daughter wanted 42 for DVB one year.
Sheri: Wow! With my father being a Vietnam veteran and suffering PTSD to this day, I can see how that veteran would have cried. That was a very kind gesture.
Nora: A friend in AJ (Apache Junction) Arizona passes them out wherever she goes. Another friend in AJ Arizona passes them out at work and church. I’ve had requests from all over America, England, Australia, Canada, Africa and Malaysia and other places I can’t remember.
Sheri: Really? I live in Arizona. I live northwest of Phoenix in Peoria.
Sheri: My next question was where you have sent crosses, since you’ve answered that question, what has been your most unique crocheted cross request?
Nora: A white one. Some have sent me boxes of thread their grandmothers had leftover. Any money sent has been used for ribbon, roses, and postage that can be spendy.

Sheri: The cross is gorgeous! That’s awesome that people send you their family members thread so you can make more crosses for people.
Nora: YES it is…My cousin sent me my Aunt Mary’s thread and I remember her crocheting when I was about 7.
Sheri: I love the memories we all have about being young and either learning how to crochet from our mother’s, grandmother’s, aunt’s as well as watching them crochet beautiful works.
Sheri: What is your favorite stitch/es?
Nora: I actually learned to knit first. My favorite stitches are single, double and triple crochet. I make basic articles that can be used.
Sheri: Last question, do you sell your crocheted crosses?
Nora: NO
Nora: Did Jesus sell His Salvation?
Sheri: NO, Nora, He certainly did NOT! That’s the best answer yet!
Sheri: Nora, thank you so very much for taking the time to share your story, your love of the yarn arts, your love of people, and your love of Jesus! You are an inspiration to so many of us! ❤
Nora: Thank you.

Clearly, ladies and gents, you can see how God has led Nora to do good works that help people all around the world. Obviously, she has the gift of serving and giving. No matter what your religious preference may be, I would challenge everyone to use their gifts to do great things for people around the world like Nora does!

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