Unboxing my Secret Santa gift!

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I received my Secret Santa gift yesterday and wanted to share with all of you the unboxing! I would like to take a moment to thank my Secret Santa, Julie Schrey for the lovely gift. You really put so much thought, creativity and effort into it and I am so grateful. I would also like to thank Jen Mitchell of Nella’s Cottage for hosting the Secret Santa gift exchange annually and to Teri Arthur, Moderator of Nella’s Cottage VIP Pattern Group for managing the exchange. I know it was no easy feat!

I have been a part of Nella’s Cottage VIP Pattern Group on facebook for a while now and love to create beautiful finished works following Jen’s wonderful patterns. She is quite the yarn artisan and pattern designer! Her patterns are easy to follow and have many photos. The patterns are easy to intermediate level and if you run into any hiccups while following her patterns, all you have to do is ask in the group and she, Teri or fellow group members cheerfully provide support.

Here are a few examples of finished works I’ve made following Jen’s great patterns!

You can purchase patterns and finished items from Jen at her Etsy shop.

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