Yarnatious Dreams

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Yarn. You know, the stuff fiber artists like knitters and crocheters are crazy about. That magic string that comes in so many different colors and textures, seemingly to call out to our inner crafter and plead with us to make it into something beautiful, elegant, and to be used, loved, and cared for. Have you ever dreamt about being such a twisted strand? If you were to be a type of yarn, what would you be and why?

First, we would have to decide on whether we would want to be man-made, grown on an animal, or derived from a plant. Fibers from different sources are all vastly different in ways such as price, availability, and quality. For instance, Angora threads are made from the fur of Angora rabbits and are much more costly than say cotton yarn, which is derived from the cotton plant and is cheap and easily found across the world. Synthetic fibers are generally more durable than natural threads and tend to last longer while also maintaining their shape and color well into their years. If I had to choose to be an animal-based fiber, I would have to pick wool yarn over mohair or Angora. Wool is one of the most popular forms of yarn, and it’s easy to understand why. Its availability allows it to be cheap, plus it is durable; although it has a tendency to pill. Wool is warm, but breathable, moisture wicking, and incredibly easy to dye a vast array of colors. I imagine myself as made into a blanket; keeping our soldiers warm and wrapped in the colors of home.

If I were to be a plant fiber, I would choose to be silk. Silk is the smoothest of yarns. It is lustrous, lacy, and although it is expensive, wouldn’t it be grand to imagine being draped around the royal and wealthy of the world? Stronger than it appears, silk is usually found as a single ply thread and is known to last for decades when cared for correctly.

As a synthetic yarn, I would easily choose to be nylon. Nylon is most commonly mixed with a large variety of other fibers because it is by far the most helpful thread there is. Smooth, shiny, cool, durable, mildew-resistant, non-absorbent, static resistant, and has an elasticity strength of about 33%! Nylon also comes in more colors than the rainbow holds and is usually acid dyed, which can be a negative aspect due to the dye bleaching, fading, and not being urine resistant. Nylon gets to travel the world and see all of the many wonders that share the Earth and skies. Imagine being a hat placed on the head of a traveler for National Geographic, or made into the suit of an astronaut!

With so many types of yarn to choose from, it’s hard to dream of being just one! So, next time you sashay down your nearest yarn aisle, and before you choose that perfect skein, imagine yourself as one of the threads and foresee where all you’ll travel, or guess as to where all you have been.

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